[Please check your insurance coverage to see if acupuncture is a covered benefit. We are providers for most plans.]

Starting January 1, 2017 our out-of-pocket rates are as follows:
New Patient session: $125
Return Patient session: $95

**Please note that this does not apply to insurance co-pays and co-insurance. Each individual insurance plan is based off the patient’s specific and individual plan benefits and eligibility.


Introductory Assessment/Consultation — $35.00

New Patient Visit (Assessment + Treatment)– $125.00

Returning Patient Visit (Treatment only) — $95.00

Wellness-Boosting Treatment — $50.00

NADA/Addictive Behavior Control — $50.00

Cupping Only — $50.00

*Acupuncture is considered a medical treatment – it is not customary to tip.*

Herbal Pharmacy 

Herbal Consultation — $50.00

Concentrated Tea – Custom Blend — $20.00 per bottle

Herbal Pills (Must have a Consultation prior to a prescription) ¬†— Price Varies

Oils, Linaments, Etc. — Price Varies

BioFreeze (Colorless Gel/Colorless Roll on) — $15.00

Hot/Cold Pack — $25.00

We look forward to seeing you!