Bonita Acupuncture & Massage Clinic accepts most forms of insurance for both acupuncture and massage therapy.

We are considered both an IN-NETWORK and OUT-OF-NETWORK provider for insurance companies.

Aside from most insurance companies, we also accept PPO, VA, Worker’s Comp patients, as well as Personal Injury cases.

To verify if your insurance plan will cover for acupuncture  and/or massage therapy, please call our office at 619-267-6050 or e-mail us at Our staff will verify your benefits and eligibility with the following information:

  • Your name, a call back number, and/or contact email address
  • Full name on insurance card for person we are verifying coverage and eligibility for
  • Date of Birth
  • Member Identification or Policy number
  • Group number
  • Provider/Benefits hotline on the back of insurance card

After verification of insurance, our staff will contact you and let you know if your insurance plan will cover acupuncture and/or massage benefits.